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The Brewers come back to the Keg, to greet the 1st place in the AL Central Minnesota Twins. Being in 1st place, is quite common for the Twins. The Twins have learn the lesson, that Doug Melvin and the Brewers have not. In this game of Have (big market teams) are able to buy quality and not have to draft it and develop it. The Have Nots (the small market teams), must be able to draft well and develop that talent. The Brewers just got done losing 2 out of 3, against one of the best teams in the business, to draft and develop their talent, the Colorado Rockies. The Twins are also good at doing the same.

Its good and bad news with the Twins coming during the middle of the week. If the Twins were year on the weekend. Miller Park, would become Target field south, not has bad as Wrigley field North. But no question the Twins fans, would let everyone know they were in the house. The bad news with the Twins in during the week, the turnstyles will not spin as often as normal for the Brewers/Twins series.

The Twins were here last season during the week. It was Tuesday June 23rd thru June 25th. They had crowds of 42,0008 -34,480 and 40,524. The Twins took 2 out of 3. The Brewers led the overall series with a record of 105-98, but that includes the days, when the Crew and Twins were in the American League. The Brewers at Miller Park, against their neighbors to the west are 12-15 at Miller Park

The man in charge of the Minnesota Twins, is manager Ron Gardenhire. Ron Gardenhire has been calling the shots since he replaced Tom Kelly in 2002. In that first season at the helm of the Twins, he leaded them League Championship series, where they lose to the Anaheim Angels in 5 games. All the Twins do under Gardenhire do is win and win. He enter the 2010 season with a career record of 702-585. In 8 years of being the skipper of the Twins, the SMALL market Twins have won the AL Central 5 times. Unfortunately his divisional record is 5-14.

Gardenhire has been coaching with the Twins since 1991. He joined Tom Kelly's staff and the Twins would make their way to the fall classic. The Twins behind Jack Morris are able to beat the Atlanta Braves in 7 games.

Gardnehire was born in 1957 in Butzbach Germany. He plays his high school baseball in Okmulgee Oklahoma. He plays his college baseball at University of Texas. In 1979, he is drafted by the New York Mets in the 6th round. He plays in a total of 285 games for the Mets from 1981 thru 1985. The infielder career numbers are 4 homeruns, 45 rbis and bats .232.

The Twins Coaching Staff

John Vavra - Hitting Coach - born in the land of cheese in Chippewa Falls. He has NO major league experience in hitting. He join Gardnehire staff in 2006.

Rick Anderson -Pitching Coach -born in the city that host the Aqua Sox minor league baseball team, Everett Washington. Anderson has 3 season of major league experience, with a total of 28 games. He played in the majors with New York Mets (86) and Kansas City Royals (87-88). He has been Gardenhire's only pitching coach, while manager of the Twins. Anderson did not coach anywhere else in the Big leagues, before he started Gardenhire staff in 2002.

Jerry White - 1st base -Born in Shirley Mass, White has 11 seasons of major league experience from 1974 thru 1986. White an outfielder, played 9 seasons with the Montreal Expos, a season with the Cubs and Cardinals. In 1989, he was a part of Tom Kelly coaching staff. He returns to the Twins for Tom Kelly again in 1995. He coaches 1st base for manager Buddy Bell and the Detroit Tigers for the 1997and 1998 season. He returns to the Twins for good in 1999 and has been coaching 1st for the Twins since.

Scott Ullger - 3rd base -Scott who was born in New York City, played a total of 35 games for the Twins in 1983. Ullger was the Twins 18th round draft pick in 1977, out of St. Johns University. Ullger position in the majors was basically 1st base. Ullger become manager Tom Kelly 1st base coach in 1995. He coaches 1st from 1995 thru 1997. In 1998, he is named the Twins hitting coach. He has that role until the end of 2002 season. In 2003, he asked to coach 3rd base, in Gardenhire 2nd season. He returns to hitting coach in 2003 and keeps that role until the end of 2005. He returns to coaching 3rd in 2006 and has been coaching it since.

Steve Liddle - Bench Coach -Liddle has NO major league experience. He was born in Nashville Tennessee. Liddle has been Gardenhire, right hand man since the beginning in 2002.

Rick Stelmaszek -Bullpen -Born in the city of Chicago, Stelmaszek has 60 games of major league experience behind the dish as a major league catcher. He played in 71 for the Senators and part of 1973 with the Rangers. In 1973 also with the California Angels and 1974 with the Chicago Cubs. In 1981, he become the bullpen coach for manager Johnny Groyl. In 2010, he will be bullpen coach for the Twins for 30 years !!!!

Lets meet the Twins starting 8 - being that the series is in Milwaukee, they will not have a DH

C - Joe Mauer -its simple...the backbone of the Twins..the face of the franchise. The Twins made the right choice, selecting the local kid, that USC pitcher Mark Prior in 2001. Born in St. Paul Minnesota and play high school baseball at the same school as Brewers Hall of Famer Paul Molitor. That being Cretin-Derham Hall, the home of the Raiders. Joseph Patrick Mauer is 6-4 220 lefty. Mauer was the overall #1 in that 2001 draft.

1B - Justin Morneau -The Twins 3rd round draft pick in 1999. Justin Ernest George Morneau is 6-4 205, lefty. Born in 1981, in New Westminster British Columbia. He plays for the Hyacks of New Westmister High School. He gets a 290,000 signing bonus.

2B -Orlando Hudson -signed as a free agent on Febraury 4th 2010. Orlando Thill Hudson has the nickname O-Dog. Hudson is 6-0 190 switch hitter. Hudson was born in December 1977, in Darlington South Carolina. He plays his high school baseball for the Falcons of Darlington High School. He is drafted in 33 rd round by the Blue Jays in 1996. But does not sign, instead plays college baseball at Spartanburg Methodist College. In 1997, he is drafted again by the Jays, this time in 43rd round, this time he signs.

SS - Nick Punto -Punto becomes a Twin in a trade with the Philadelphia Phillies. The Twins send Eric Milton and Bobby Korecky to the Phillies, in return the Twins get Punto and Carlos Silvia. Nicholas Paul Punto is 5-9 190 switch-hitter. Punto is born November 77, in San Diego California. He plays his high school baseball for Tarbuco Hills, the home of the Mustangs in Mission Viejo California. In 1997 he is drafted by the Twins in 33rd round, but does not sign. He plays college baseball at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo. In 1998, he is drafted in 21st round by the Phillies. Punto start the season playing 3rd, but currently is playing for the former Brewers shortstop JJ Hardy, who is hurt

3B - Dave Valencia - the Minnesota Twins 19th round pick in 2006. Daniel Paul Valencia is 6-2 210 right-handed hitter. Valencia was born in September of 1984, Miami Florida. He plays his high school baseball for the Sharks of Boca Raton High School. He first his college baseball at UNC-Greensboro and later transfers to the University of Miami

LF - Delmon Young -Young comes to the Twins in a trade with the Tampa Bay Devils Rays. The Twins send Eduardo Martin, Jason Bartlett and Matt Garza to the Rays. The Twins, get Young, Brendan Harris and Jason Pridie. Delmon Damarcus Young is 6-3 200 right-handed hitter. He is born in April 1985, in Birmingham Alabama. He plays for the Scorpions of Carmarillo High School in Camarillo California. Young is #1 pick overall by the Rays in 2003

RF/3B -Mike Cuddyer -Cuddyer was the Twins 1st round pick in 1997. Michael Brent Cuddyer is 6-2 225, born in Norfolk Virginia. Cuddyer played his high school baseball at Great Bridge in Chesapeake Virginia. With No DH, their is a good chance he play a game in the series at the Hot corner

CF- Dernard Span - Another 1st round pick of the Twins, it would in the year 2002, the 20th overall. Keiunta Dernard Span is 6-0 205 lefty. Span is born Febraury 1984, in Tampa Florida. He played his high school baseball at Tampa Catholic, the home of the Crusaders.

RF -Jason Kubel -another draft pick of the Twins -He was drafted in 12th round in 2000. Jason James Kubelis 6-0 210 left-handed hitter. Kubel was born in May 1982, in Belle Forche South Dakota. He plays his high school baseball at Highland High School in Palmdale California, the home of the Bulldogs.

What do the Twins bring to the table - Last season they had a record of 89-73. When broke down, they were 49-33 at home and 38-43 on the road. While the Brewers are 11 games below .500 in 2010, the Twins are 11 games above .500 with a record of 40-29. They are 23-13 at their new ballpark, Target Field and still have a winning record on the road, 17-16. So far in the month of June they are 9-9. This is after being 15-8 in April and 16-12 in May


Runs - 4.77 per game 5th in the AL and would be 4th in the NL. The Crew are just a little better at 4.81. Red Sox are #1 with 5.49 in the AL and Braves with 4.91 are the best in the NL

Homeruns -61 for the Twins -thats 9th in the AL Brewers have 83, that ties them for 3rd with the Reds

Steals - 31 for the twins -that 11th in the AL -The Brewers have 40

Batting Average - .272 for the Twins 6th in the AL. The Only NL team that is hitting better for average then the Twins, are the Reds at .274. The Crew are hitting .259

On Base % -Twins are not .348, the 4th best in baseball. The Yanks are top with .30

ERA -The Twins era is 3.80 - Here is the Brewers kiss of death. They are 7-21, against teams that ranked 6th of better in era. The twins are #2 in the American lLeague !!!! Brewers are 5.07, still only the Pirates and D-Backs in all of baseball, worst then the Crew

K's - the Twins pitching staff as a total of 444 K's. Thats just 10th in the AL

Whip 1.255 -4th best in all of baseball for the twins and tied for #1 with the Devil Rays, for tops in the AL

The Match-ups
Tuesday Night - Scott Baker vs Chris Naverson. ...Tmothy Scott Baker is 6-4 190 right-hander from Shreveport Louisiania. He plays his high school at Captain Shreve, the home of the Gators. He plays his college baseball at Oklahoma State. The Twins come calling in the 2nd round of the 2003 draft. Baker has made 14 starts, with a record of 6-5 and an era of 4.41. He is coming off 7 innings of 2 hit/shutout baseball against the Rockies, which includes 12 K's. It will be making his 124 career start against the Crew, his record is 49-38, with an era of 4.29. Baker in 2009 against the Brewers, he was 2-0 with an era of 3.77. One at Miller Park, he threw 6 innings, allows 3 runs. In 6 career starts, he is 4-2 with an era of 4.93

Is Naverson pitching for a spot in the rotation or even more a spot on the team. Doug Davis is coming back and someone has to GO !!! He was snapped around again, by the Los Angeles Angels in his last start. Chris pitched against the Twins, 2 times in relief in 2009. He throws 1 2/3 and allows 1. Those are his only 2 career appearances against the Twins.

Wednesday night - Francisco Liriano vs Manny Parra....Francisco Casillas Liranio is 6-2 220 left-handed pitcher. Liriano is 6-2 220 lefty, from San Cristobal Dominician Republic. He is signed by the San Francisco Giants in 2000. He comes to the Twins along with Boof Bonser and Joe Nathan, from the Giants. The Twins send catcher AJ Pierzynski and cash in return. He has made 13 starts for the Twins, with a record of 6-4 an era of 2.98. When he faces the Brewers, he will be making his 72nd career start. His record is 30-26 with an era of 3.92. He was 1-0 in 2009, going 5 innings and allowing 3 runs, against the Brewers. The game is played at Miller Park. In his career he is 3-0 in 3 starts, with an era of 2.00. 18 innings, 12 hits, 9 walks, 23 strikeouts.

Manny Parra, the Brewers of late are seeing the good Manny Parra. This one Brewer fan, that is quite glad that the good Manny Parra is pitching for the Crew. The biggest question, is the bad Manny Parra, completely gone ??? In 2010, he has not started against the Twins, he did appear, twice in relief. The two would have mixed results, with an L in the first appearance. The next day, he gets the W for the Crew. In 2009, no question the bad Manny Parra pitched against the Twins. His record was 0-1, he throws 3 1/3 and gives up 8 runs. In 4 appearances and 2 starts, Manny Parra career numbers are 2-2, with an era of 5.79

Thursday afternoon -Nick Blackburn vs Yovani Gallardo.....Robert Nicholas Blackburn is 6-4 230 righty. Born in Febraury of 1982 in Ada Oklahoma. He plays his high school baseball at Del City in Oklahoma City, the home of the Eagles. He is drafted in the 34th round by Tampa, but does not sign. He plays college baseball at Semihole State College. A year later in 2001, in the 21st round the Minnesota Twins come calling. Nick Blackburn is making his 14 start of the season. He enters thursday game with a record of 6-4 and an era of 5.80. One of those wins, was against the Brewers at Target field on May 21st. He throws 7 innings and allows 3 runs. In 2009, he was a hard luck loser, he throws 8 innings of 3 run baseball. Career wise against the Crew in 3 starts, he has a record of 1-1 with an era of 5.40. That hard luck lost last season, was the only time he pitched at Miller Park.

Yovani Gallardo gets nailed again in last start, with bad luck. Gallardo this time leaves the game with a 4-1 lead over the Rockies. When Carlos Villanueva surrenders 2 homeruns and before the inning is over the G-Man, W was gone. Gallardo is making his 16th start, his record is 6-3 an era of 2.59. Hopefully Phillies Charlie Manuel, will give the G-Man is due and making him an National League All-Star. When Gallardo faced the Twins at Target Field in May, he surrender 4 runs in the 1st inning. He did throw 6 innings, but per usual, the batters did not bail out the ace of the staff. That was Gallardo's only time facing the team from the Twin Cities

I stated earlier that after Angels -Rockies and Twins series, that the Brewers would be 13 games later .500. We all know going into the Twins series, they are 11 under. I will stick with my prdeiction, the Crew will drop 2 out 3....again at home.

Enjoy your baseball and Go Crew
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