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Posted on: June 17, 2010 7:13 pm

Crew hoping for a Rocky Mountian High at Coors

The Brewers road trip continues to the 1 of 3 Mile cities in the United States. The only one to have a major league baseball team, is the city of Denver. The other 2 mile cities for the record, can be found in the land of Enchantment, New Mexico. Those cities are Santa Fe and Albuquerque

The Rockies sit with a record of 34-32 and trail the 1st place Dodgers by 4 games. They just finished losing 2 out of 3 against the Minnesota Twins, just after taking 3 from the Toronto Blue Jays at Coors Field.

The Brewers return to Coors, for the first time, since they were swept by the Rockies in September of 2009. That puts the Brewers overall record at Coors field to a record of 13-29. The first time the Brewers would play at Coors field would be under manager Phil Garner. It happens on Friday night May 15th 1998. Garner calls on Steve Woodard to hurled the egg. Rockies manager Don Baylor calls on the late Darryl Kile. In the top of the 1st the Brewers would set the pace for the game. They get rbi single by Mark Loretta and rbi double by David Nilsson. In the 2nd inning Loretta gets his 2nd rbi, with a sac-fly and that scores catcher Bobby Hughes. By the time Kile is sent to the showers, he had thrown 6 innings, allowing 12 hits, 7 runs, 5 earned. The ballpark know for its homeruns, would get two off the bats of the Rockies, former Milwaukee Brewer Dante Bichette and catcher Jeff Reed. Woodard would get the win and Mike Myers earned his 1st and only save for that 1998 season. The Brewers would win 8-5, and they split the 4 game series.

When the Brewers came to town for the final 3 games at Coors field for the 2009 season. Its September 29th thru Octobetr 1st. Its a heartbreak in game #1, when the Brewers were able to put 3 runs on the board in the top of the 9th, They all come for a rare source, a 3 run homerun by Jason Kendall. The Rockies have Matt Belisle pitched the top of the 11th. Macha brings in David Weathers to pitch the bottom of the 11th. He walks Brad Hawpe to start the inning. He gets Jason Gambi to pop and Chris Iannetta ends the game with a 2 run homeruns. Rockies win 7-5.

Game #2 - the Brewers have vintage Jeff Suppan on the mound. Good old number #37 is tagged for 8 runs in 6 innings of work. He gives up long balls to Todd Helton and Carlos Gonzalez. Chris Smith hands to the fire, giving up a 2 run bomb to Troy Tulowitzki. Jason Hammel gets the W, despite giving up 4 runs in 5 innings. Rockies win 10-6

Game #3 -The Rockies are lucky and get to see the bad Manny Parra. Parra is tagged for 5 runs in 2 2/3 innings. Jon Axford is tagged for 2 runs in 2 innings and for the 2nd straight day - Chris Smith gives up a 2 run homerun, this time to Brad Hawpe. Aaron Cook throws 8 innings, allows just 4 hits and 1 run. Franklin Morales throws the 9th and gives up 1 run. Brewers lose 9-2

The manager of the Rockies is Jim Tracy. Tracy is in his 3rd life of a major league manager. Tracy on May 29th would take over for current Texas Rangers Hitting Clint Hurdle as manager of the Rockies. He would guide them to a record of 74-42 and losing to the future NL Champions Philadelphia Phillies in the divisional series. Tracy was born outside of Cincinnati, in the town of Hamliton Ohio. He plays 2 seasons with the Chicago Cubs, 1980 and 1981.

In 1995, Tracey is named Felipe Alou bench coach for the Montreal Expos. He is on Alou's staff until the end of 1998 season. In 1999, he is asked to be the bench coach for Davey Johnson and the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2001, Tracey would become the manager of the Los Angels Dodgers. Tracey is the manager of the Dodgers until the end of the 2005 season. In 2004, the Dodgers lose to the St. Louis Cardinals in the divisional series. In 2005, the Dodgers finished 20 games below .500 and he was fired. He is not out of work long, in 2006 he is named the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. After the 2007 season, Tracey is fired as the manager of the Pirates. 2009 Tracey is named bench coach for Clint Hurdle and the Rockies. 2 months later Tracey is named the new manager of the Rockies.

The Rockies Coaching staff

Don Baylor - Hitting Coach -Baylor the former Rockies manager is in his 2nd season as hitting Coach. His first coaching duty was with the Brewers in 1990. He is a member of Tom Trebelhorn staff for 1990 1991. Phil Garner becomes the manager of the Brewers in 1992, Baylor was not asked to return. Joe Torre and the Cardinals come calling in 1992, to be the Redbirds hitting coach. In 1993, Don Baylor is named the 1st manager in Rockies history. In 1995, he gets the Rockies to the playoffs. They lose to the Atlanta Braves in the divisional series. Baylor is the manager of the Rockies until the end of 1998. In 1999, he is hired by Bobby Cox to be the hitting coach for the Braves, who make it to the World Series. In 2000, he is asked to be the manager of the Chicago Cubs. He manages the cubbies until July 4th 2002, when he is replaced by Bruce Kimm. In 2003, he becomes the hitting/bench coach for Art Howe and the New York Mets. He does that for 2 season 03-04. In 2005, Its Mike Hargrove turn to have him on his staff, he is the hitting coach for the Seattle Mariners. He is out of baseball, until Tracey calls in 2009

Bob Apodaca - Apodaca has been the pitching coach for the Rockies since 2003. The Los Angeles California native, was the pitching coach for the Brewers in 2000 and 2001. Prior to the Crew he was the pitching coach Dallas Green/Bobby Valentine and the Mets in 1996. He is on Valentine staff for the 1997-98-1999 season.

Glen Allen Hill -1st base -the 13 year veteran outfielder from Santa Cruz California, first starting coaching for Clint Hurdle in 2007. Hill is in his 4th season coaching 1st base.

Rich Dauer - 3rd base - Dauer is in his 2nd season with the Rockies. Before that Dauer was wearing the uniform of the Milwaukee Brewers. Rich Dauer was the Brewers bench coach for Ned Yost from 2003 thru 2005. The San Bernardino California native played 10 season for the Baltimore Orioles. His 1st coaching job came in 1990, for manager John McNamara, when he managed the Tribe. Dauer coaches again for McNamara in 1991. But when Hargrove takes over the Tribe in 1991, he is not asked to return in 1992. He is out of Coaching for 5 seasons. Bob Boone and later Tony Muser would have Rich Dauer on the the Kansas City Royals coaching staff. Dauer is on the Royals staff from 1998 thru 2002, when Tony Pena took the Royals managing job, Dauer was not asked to return

Tom Runnells - Bench coach - he took for Tracey, when he was named manager. Runnels who was born in Greeley Colorado, played a total of 40 games for the Reds. In 1990, Runnells. He is hire to 3rd base coach for Buck Rodgers and the Montreal Expos. Ken Macha is the bullpen coach for these Expos. In 1991, he is back to coaching 3rd base, when Buck Rodgers is fired and Runnells becomes the manager of the Expos. In 1992, he is 17-20, when he is fired as the Expos manager, he is replaced by Felipe Alou on May 21st 1992

Jim Wright - Bullpen -Wright is in his 2nd season being the Rockies bullpen coach. Wright who was born in St. Joseph Missouri, pitched in 21 games for the Royals in 1981 and 1982. In 1996, he coaches for the 1st time, he is a member of Jim Fregosi staff, with the Phillies. It would only last 1 season. He comes back to coaching 2002 for the Rockies and manager Buddy Bell and later Clint Hurdle

The Rockies regular starting 8

C - Miguel Olivo -he is has play in 46 of the Rockies 66 games. Miguel Eduardo Olivo is 6-0 180 right-handed hitter. He as born in Villa Vasquez Dominician Republic in July of 1978. He was signed as amateur free agent by the A's in 1996. He signed with the Rockies as a free agent for 2.5 million

1B - Todd Helton -Helton is playing his 14th season for the Colorado Rockies, hence the nickname the Toddfather. Todd Lynn Helton is 6-2 215 left-handed hitter. Helton who was born August of 1973 in Knoxville Tennessee. He plays his high school bseball at Knoxville Central, the home of the Bobcats. He does not go far to play college baseball, its the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The Volunteer is a 1st round and 8th overall pick by the Rockies in 1995

2B - Clint Barmes -Barmes is playing in his 8th season with the Rockies. Clint Harold Barmes is 6-1 205 right-handed hitter. Barmes was born in March of 1979, in Vincennes Indiana. Barmes played his high school baseball at Lincoln High School in Vincennes, home of the Alices. He starts his college career at Olney Central College and later transfers to Indiana State. The Rockies drafted him in the 10th round of the 2000 draft.

SS - Troy Tulowitzki -Troy is playing in his 5th season with the Rockies. Troy Trever Tulowitzki is 6-3 215 right-handed hitter. Tulowitzki was born in October 1984, in Santa Clara California. He plays his high school baseball at Femont High School in Sunnyvale California, the home of the Freebirds. He plays his college baseball at Long Beach State. After those years with the 49ers, he the Rockies 1st round and 8th overall by the Rockies in 2005

3B -Ian Stewart -Stewart is playing in his 4th season with the Rockies. Ian Kenneth Stewart is 6-3 215, left-handed hitter. Stewart was born in April 1985, in Long Beach California. Stewart plays his high school basseball at La Quinta High School in Westminister California, the home of the Aztecs. He would be the Rockies 1st round and 10th overall pick in 2003

LF - Seth Smith -Smith is in his 4th season with the Rockies. Garry Seth Smith is 6-3 215, left-handed hitter. Smith was born in September 1982, in Jackson Mississippi. He played his high school baseball at Hillcrest Christian in Jackson, the home of the Cougars. He played his college baseball at the University of Mississippi. After the Rebels, he is the Rockies 2nd round pick by the Rockies.

CF -Carlos Gonzalez - Carlos is in his 2nd season with the Rockies, his rookie season he played for the Oakland A's. Gonzalez was born in October of 1985, in Maracaibo Venezuela. He is signed as amateur free agent by the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2002. He comes in the trade from the Oakland A's, along with Huston Street and Greg Smith. The A's would get All-Star outfielder Matt Holliday.

RF -Brad Hawpe -Hawpe is in his 7th season with the Rockies. Bradley Bonte Hawpe is 6-3 210 left-handed hitter. Hawpe was born in June 1979 in Fort Worth Texas. He plays his high school baseball at Bosewell High School, the home of the Pioneers. In 1997, he is drafted in the 46th round by the Toronto Blue Jays, but does not sign. He starts his college baseball at Navarro College and later transfers to LSU. He was the Rockies 11th round pick in 2000.

What do the Rockies bring to the table
In 2009, the Rockies rally under Jim Tracey to make the playoffs. They finished with a record of 90-72. They were red-hot in the month of September going 18-9, to make those playoffs. The Rockies were 51-30 at Coors and 41-40 away from the Mile high city. They score 464 runs at Coors and only 340 on the road. They did the Brewers all 6 games in 2009.

2010, the Rockies are 19-12 at Coors field and 15-20 on the road. They were 11-12 in April, 16-12 in May and currently 7-8 in the month of June

Rankings as of wednesday's action

Runs scored -the Rockies average 4.54 runs per game which is 8th in the National League. The Brewers are currently 3rd with 4.86 runs per game

Homeruns -The Brewers are currently king in the NL with 82 homeruns. The Rockies are 4th with 64

Steals -The Crew and the Rockies are basicallly dead even here. The Brewers have 39 steals and the Rockies 38

Batting Average - boy at one time the Brewers were hitting around .273 and 3rd in the NL. Not no more they are hitting .257, which is the same batting average of the Rockies. Which is tied for 10th

OB % -The Crews on OB% is .333 and the Rockies is .332

ERA -The Brewers are 6-20 against any pitching staff that is ranked 6th or better in either league. Well the Rockies are 4th best in the NL with an era of 3.67. That could mean the Brewers might just struggle here. The Crews era is 5.45, which is 3rd worst in the NL, only the Pirates and D-Backs are worst.

Homeruns allowed -The D-Backs are king, giving up 97 gopher balls. The Crew is 3rd, with 71. On the other hand, the Rockies have given up the least of amount of homeruns with 42. When you concern they play in Coors, thats pretty good.

Team K's -The Crew's pitching staff is tied for 3rd with 506 K's. The Rockies have 454, which is 12th in the NL

Whip -The Rockies post a whip of 1.302 as a team, which 6th in the NL. The Brewers are still last with 1.57

Friday night - Manny Parra vs Jason Hammel - Manny Parra has pitched well in his last 2 starts, throwing 11 1/3 innings, allowing 5 runs, but did strikeout 18. Parra's only start against the Rockies in 2009, was the one I reported earlier at Coors field, 5 runs in 2 1/3 innings pitched. Parra in his career has faced the Rockies 3 times, with only 1 start. Parra is 0-1 with an era of 9.53. He has thrown 5 2/3 an allowing 6 earned runs.

Jason Aaron Hammel is 6-6 200 right-hander. He was born in September 1982, in Greenville South Carolina. He plays his high school baseball at South Kitsap high school in Orchard Park Washington, the home of the Wolves. In 2000, he is drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the 23rd round, he did not sign. He would play college baseball at Treasure Valley Community College. He is drafted by the Rays in the 19th round in 2001, but again he does not sign. In 2002, the Rays draft him again in the 10th round. He comes to the Rockies in a trade for Aneury Rodriguez, on April 5th 2009. Hammel in 10 starts in 2010, as a record of 4-3 an era of 4.53. Hammel is on fire, his last 3 outings, he has throw 22 innings and allowing 1 run. It will be Hammel 69th career start, he has a record of 21-26, with an era of 5.09, in 5 seasons. In 2009, Hammel was 2-0 with an era of 4.91. It was the only 2 appearance against the Brewers.

Saturday night - Yovani Gallardo vs Jeff Francis -Gallardo after losing to the Texas Rangers at Miller Park, was the 1st lost, he has suffered, since his 2nd start against the St. Louis Cardinals. Gallardo suffer his 1st lost of the season, against these Rockies at Miller Park, in Gallardo 1st start of the season 5-3. Gallardo will be making his 15th start, with a record of 6-3 and very respectable era of 2.66. Gallardo lost his only start against the Rockies in 2009, it happen at Miller Park. He would throw 5 innings, allow 3 hits and 2 runs, but still got the "L". Gallardo WORST outing of his career happen at Coors field, he would throw 2 2/3 and surrender 11 earned runs, for an era of 37.13.

Jeffrey William Francis is 6-5 200, left-hander. He was born in January of 1981, Vancouver British Columbia. He plays his high school baseball at North Delta, in Delta BC. He plays his college baseball at the University of British Columbia. After playing for the Thunderbirds, he is a 1st round and 9th overall pick of the Rockies in 2002. Francis will be making his 7th start of the 2010 season. In his first 6 starts, he has a record of 2-2, with an era of 3.29. It will be career start 137, with a record of 53-46, which includes last season going 4-10 in 2008. Francis did not pitch in the majors in 2009. Francis was schedule to face the Brewers in Milwaukee, but did not pitch, due to injury. Greg Smith would get that start against the Crew. The Brewers did face in 2008, Francis would be tagged for the L, going 6 innings and allowing 3 runs, at Coors field. Francis has faced the Brewers 5 times in his career, with a record of 2-3 an era of 7.76. Francis is 2-1 with an era of 5.93 at Coors field against the Brewers.

Sunday afternoon -Randy Wolf vs Aaron Cook -The Brewers nation got to see the good Randy Wolf against the Angels, actually Wolf did not show up until the 3rd inning. He would be in trouble in the 1st, 2 innings, but would settle down. Going 7 innings and allowing 2 runs. Wolf did beat the Rockies at Miller Park, in his 1st start of the season. Going 6 innings, allowing 4 runs, but striking out a season high 8. He pitched well against the Rockies in 2009, he face them 4 times, with a record of 1-1 an era of 2.96. That win would come at Coors field, throwing 7 innings of 5 hit, 1 run baseball. Wolf in 14 starts against the Rockies has a record of 6-3, with an era of 4.13. In 6 starts at Coors, he is 2-2, with an era of 4.58

Aaron Lane Cook -Cook is 6-3 215 right-hander. Cook was born in February of 1979, in Fort Campbell Kentucky, just outside Cincinnati, on the other side of the Ohio river. He plays his high school baseball for the Big Blue, of Hamliton Ohio. Cook is a 2nd round pick of the Rockies in 1997. He has made 13 starts for the Rockies in 2010, with a record of 2-4 and an era of 5.15. Cook will be making his 180th start in a Rockies jersey, against the Brewers. His overall record is 65-54, with an era of 4.38. The NL All-Star in 2008, faced the Brewers in Miller Park in April, taking the L, when he throws 5 1/3 and allows 4 runs. In 2009, Cook was 2-0 with an era of 1.29. That includes throwing 8 innings of 1 run baseball at Coors field. In 11 appearances against the Brewers, he is 6-3 with an era of 3.32. He is 4-1 with an era of 3.00, allowing 10 runs in 30 innings pitched

The Brewers do dodge a bullett in this series, when they do not have to face Ublando Jimenez, the Bob Gibson of 2010. I think with the past record of the Brewers at Coors and their current record against good pitching staffs. This could be a long weekend for the Brewers nation. I will be happy with 1 W and hope not broom action, but I would not be surprise if the broom is brought out.

Enjoy your baseball and Go Crew
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