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The Brewers are headed south, not just in the standings in the National League, but in the directions of south to Atlanta Georgia. Its a 4 game series with the best team in the National League East record wise....No not the Phillies or Mets, but the Atlanta Braves. Its Bobby Cox's last season filling out the Braves line-up card. So they are trying to give the veteran manager a send off present of post-season play.

The Brewers in their last home stand, were the Brewers of 2010. They struggle against Bruce Bochy, San Francisco Giants 3rd ranked pitching staff, in which they got swept at home. That drops the 2010 Brewers to a record of 13-28 against pitching staffs that ranked 6th or better. Then 2010 Brewers were able to win all 3 over the 15th ranked John Russell Pittsburgh Pirates.

The Brewers overall track record against the men from the Peach state is not good. The Brewers are overall have a record of 33-50 and 18-25 in Atlanta.
In 2009 the Brewers were able to take 2 out of 3 from the Braves.

Friday - June 5th 2009 - 23,327 Yovani Gallardo vs Jair Jurrgens....The Braves get a double off the bat of Martin Prado in the 3rd. In the top of the 4th, with 1 out, Prince Fielder doubles and Mike Cameron walks. They bought score on Mat Gamel double to center. The Brewers score 2 more in the 5th, forece out by Mike Cameron and single by Gamel. Brian McCann doubles to lead off the 7th. Thats all the hits, the Braves would get off Gallardo in 8 innings of work, he walks 4 and K's 6. Carlos Villanueva throws the 9th. Brewers win 4-0

Saturday July 6th 2009 -32,721 --Jeff Suppan vs Javier Vazquez. The scoreboard is full of goose eggs until the top of the 5th. Prince Fielder hits his 15th of the 2009 season a solo shot. In the top of the 6th, Jason Kendall leads off with a single and scores on a double by Craig Counsell. In the bottom of the 6th, Brian McCann leads off with a triple. Garrett Anderson hits a ground ball to Prince, he gets McCann trying to score. Suppan is done, after throwing 5 1/3, allows 6 hits. Todd Coffey and Mitch Stetter finish the 6th. In the top of the 7th, Eric O'Flaherty surrenders the 2nd homerun to Prince Fielder. Trevor Hoffman throws the 9th for his 15th save of the Brewers.

Sunday June 7th -Manny Parra vs Tommy Hanson -Its the major league debut of Tommy Hanson. In the bottom of the 1st, Yuniel Escobar singles and scores on the future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones triple. In the 3rd, Chipper Jones takes Manny Parra deep. The Brewers tie in the top of the 4th, JJ Hardy reaches on Escobar's error. Then Ryan Braun hits his 12th of the season. In the top of the 5th, Kendall singles to right and then steals 2nd. Kendall scores on Manny Parra double. Parra gets the 1st 2 outs in the 5th, then walks Nate McLouth and Escobar walks. Then Jones gets his 2nd homerun of the game. In the top of the 6th, Hardy leads off with a walk and Braun gets his 2nd long ball. Then Prince Fielder singles and Mike Cameron goes deep, 7-5 Brewers. In the bottom of the 8th, Carlos Villanueva replaces Todd Coffey. Prado leads off single. McCann pinch-hits and gets a double and Prado scores. Nate McLouth double and McCann scores and ties the game. McLouth scorces on a single by Escobar. Mike Gonzalez pitches the 9th for the Braves, 8-7.

The Braves

Bobby Cox -Cox is in his 25th and final season with the Braves. He is in his 2nd tour of duty with the Braves. Robert Joseph Cox was born in May of 1941, in Tulsa Oklahoma. He plays his high school baseball for the Bears of Selma High School in Selma California. He plays his college baseball at Reedley College in Reedley California, the home of the Tigers. Cox was signed as amateur free agent by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1959. He plays 3rd/2b for the Yankees in 68 and 69. He is named manager for the Braves in 1978 and manages them until 1981. In 1982, he goes north of the border and manages the Toronto Blue Jays. He manages the Jays until losing in the AL Championship series to the Royals in 1985. He returns to the Braves in 1986. He has got the Braves to the NLCS 9 times and Fall Classic 5 times. Winning the World Series in 1995 against the Cleveland Indians.

The Coaches

Terry Pendleton - Hitting Coach -Terry Lee Pendleton is in his 9th season as hitting coach of the Braves. He replaced Merv Rettenmund in 2002. Pendleton was born in July 1960, in Los Angeles California. Pendleton the major league 3rd baseman is 5-9 178, switch-hitter. He played his high school baseball for the Raiders of Channel Island High School in Oxnard California. He plays his college baseball, first at Oxnard College and later Fresno State. In 1982, he is a 7th round pick of the Cardinals. He plays for the Redbirds from 1984 thru 1990. He goes free agent in 1991, and wins the batting title and MVP, in his 1st season with the Braves. He leads the NL in hits in 1991 and 1992. Plays for the Braves from 1991 thru 1994. He plays the 95 season with the Marlins and starts 96 season and returns to the Braves. Plays the Reds in 1997 and Royals in 1998.

Roger McDowell - Pitching coach -Roger McDowell is in his 5th season as pitching coach for the Braves. He took over for Leo Mazzone in 2006, who went to the Orioles for 2 seasons. Roger Allen McDowell was born in December 1960 in Cincinnati Ohio. McDowell is 6-1 182, right-handed pitcher. He plays his high school baseball for the Cardinals of Colerain High School in Cincinnati Ohio. He plays his college baseball for the Falcons of Bowling Green. In 1982, he is a 3rd draft pick of the New York Mets. McDowell plays for the Mets from 1985 to part of 1989. Pitches for the Phillies from 1989 to part of 1991. Its off to the Dodgers in 1991 and pitches for them until the end of 1994. Pitches for Texas in 1995 and Orioles in 1996.

Glenn Hubbard - 1st base -Hubbard is in his 12th season coaching 1st base for Cox and the Braves. Glenn "Mother" Dee Hubbard was in September of 1957, at Hahn Air Force Base West Germany. Hubbard a major league 2nd baseman, 5-7 170 right-hander. He plays his high school baseball for the Scots of Ben Lomond, in Odgen Utah. He is a 20th round pick of the Braves in 1975. He plays for the Braves from from 1978 thru 1987. He goes free agent and plays 2 seasons for the A's, 1988 and 1989.

Brian Snitkar -3rd base coach -Snitkar is in his 2nd tour of duty coaching with the Braves. Brian Gerald Snitkar was born in October 1955 in Decatur Illinois. In 1985 in his 1st tour of duty as the Braves bullpen coach, until 1990. He returns to the Braves in 2007.

Chino Cadahia - Bench -He is in 4th season, being Cox's right-hand man on the bench. Aurelio C. Cadahia was born in November 1957 in Havana Cuba.

Eddie Perez - Bullpen -the former Brewer is in his 4th season as the Braves bullpen coach. He took over for Pat Corrales in 2007. Perez was born in May 1968, in Cuidad Ojeda Venezuela. Perez is 6-1 185 right-handed hitting former catcher. He as signed as amateur free agent by the Braves in 1986. He plays for the Braves from 1995 thru 2001. He plays for the Tribe in 2002. Plays for the Brewers in 2003. Finishes back with the Braves in 04 and 05

The Braves normal starting 8

C - Brian McCann - the 2010 All-Star Game MVP. Brian Michael McCann is a peach state player. McCann is 6-3 190, left-hnaded stick. McCann was born in February 1984 in Athens Georgia, the home of the University of Georgia. He plays his high school baseball for the Wildcats of Duluth high school in Duluth Georgia. In 2002, the Braves would draft him the 2nd round, after they draft outfielder Jeff Francouer in the 1st round.

1B -Troy Glaus, considering that Glaus played only 14 games for the Cardinals in 2009, 14 homeruns, 58 homeruns is more then Braves should have expected. Troy Glaus born in August 1976, in Tarzana California. Glaus is 6-5 240 right-handed stick. He plays his high school baseball for the Lancers of Carlsbad high in Carlsbad California. The same school that gave us Brady Anderson and former Brewer pitcher Scott Karl. In 1994, he is a 2nd round pick of the Padres, but does not sign. He plays for Bruins of UCLA. In 1997, he is the 1st pick and 3rd overall by the Anaheim Angels. The Tigers had the #1 pick, they took Rice Owl pitcher Matt Anderson.

2B - Martin Prado -Prado leads the NL in hits and At bats and made the All-Star team for the 1st time. Martin Manuel Prado was born October of 1983 in Maracuay Venezuela. Prado is 6-1 190 right-handed stick. He is signed as amateur free agent at the age of 18, by the Braves in 2001

SS -Alex Gonzalez - will be making his Brave debut. During the All-Star break, the Braves decided to part with the young Yuniel Escobar and get the veteran shortstop with the nickname Seabrass. Alexander Gonzalez was born in Febraury 1977, in Cagua Venezuela. He is 6-0 170 right-hander. He is signed as amateur free agent at the age of 27, by the Florida Marlins in 2004.

3B -Chipper Jones - its the final season for the future Hall of Famer ??? Larry Wayne Jones is in his 18th season with the Braves. Jones is 6-4 210 switch-hitter. Born in April 1972 in Deland Florida. He plays his high school baseball for the Bulldogs of The Bolles School in Jacksonville Florida. The school would also give us former major league catcher Rick Wilkins.

LF -Omar Infante - with the return of Heyward, I figure Infante who has been playing rightfield, will probably move to left. The 2010 surprise All-Star. Omar R. Infante was born December 1981 in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela. Infante is 5-9 150 right-handed utitly player. Signed as amateur free agent by the Tigers in 1999.

CF - Melky Cabrera -played leftfield, until Nate McLouth went on the DL and move to center. Cabrera has 2 nicknames, Melk man and Leche. Cabrera was born in August 1984 in Santo Domingo Domician Republic. He is 6-0 200, switch hitter. Sign as amateur free agent by the Yankees in 2001.

RF - Jason Heyward -will it be Heyward or Strassburg to be the NL rookie of the year. Like McCann,Heyward was raise in the Peach state. Jason A. Heyward was born in August 1989 in South Ridgewood New Jersey. Heyward is 6-4 220 left-hander. He plays his high school baseball for the Warhawks of Henry County High School in McDonough High School. The Brewers would take Matt LaPorta with the 7th pick in 2007, the Braves would draft Heyward with the 14th.

The Braves enter the 4 game series with a record of 52-36. The Braves have a record of 30-10 at Turner Field. Only the Rockies with 31 wins, have more wins at home then the Braves. Even the Braves have won on the road with a record of 17-15. They have a record of 15-6 against the National League Central.

The Braves came out in the gate slowly with a record of 9-14 in the month of April. In the month of May, they caught fire with a record of 20-8. They maintain that record in the month of June 17-11. So far in the month of July they are 6-3.

Runs - Braves average 4.61 runs per game. That is 6th best in the NL. The Brewers are 5th with an average of 4.70

Homeruns -Brewers are best in the NL with 110 long balls. The Braves have 70 homeruns, which ties them with the New York Mets, for 11th in the NL

Steals - Braves have 40 stolen bases. with ranks the Braves 14th in the NL. The Brewers have 49 which ranks them at 12

Batting Average -.260 - the Braves and Brewers are hitting the same. That makes them 6th in the NL

On Base % - .343 - the Braves are best in the National League when it comes to getting on base. The Brewers are .336, which 5th in the NL

ERA - 3.60 the Braves are the 4th best in the NL

K's - 636 makes the Braves the 6th best in the NL

Whip -1.282 is the 3rd best in the NL, of course you know the Crew are dead last

The Match-ups

Thursday - Dave Bush vs Jair Jurrgens -Bush will be making his 18th start of the season, he has a record of 4-6 with an era of 4.16. Talk about a turn around in 2010, Bush in his last 5 starts and has thrown 32 2/3 and allowing just 8 runs, which is era of 2.20. Bush in 2010 is 2-2 with an era of 3.92 on the road. Earlier in the season, Bush did face the Braves at Miller Park, 6 innings and 3 runs. Career wise against the Braves, he will be making 5th start. He is 1-1 with an era of 2.33

Jair Jurrjens is making his 3rd start since April 29th and his 8th of the season. His record is 1-3 with an era of 5.40. Jair Francoise Jurrjens is 6-1 200 right-hander. Born on my birthday date, January 29th, but in 1986, in Santa Maria Curaco. He is signed as amateur free agent by the Tigers in 2003. He is traded to the Braves for shortstop Edgar Renteria in 2007. Jurrjens faced the Brewers last season at Turner field, reported earlier, 7 innings, allowing 4 runs. Its the only time Jurrjens has faced the Brewers

Friday Night - Randy Wolf vs Tommy Hanson -Wolf would be making his 20th start, which is the most in the NL. After 2 great starts in July, he had an average start against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Wolf on the bad side, also has allowed the most homeruns and walks in the national league. Wolf faced the Braves twice in 2009, he was 0-1 with an era of 4.85. Wolf career wise has had his struggles against the Braves. He has made 25 starts, his record is 4-12 with an era of 5.31. He is 4-7 with an era of 5.04

Thomas J. Hanson was born in August 1986 in Tulsa Oklahoma. Hanson is 6-6 210 right-hander. Hanson will be making his 19th start of the season with a record of 8-5 with an era of 4.13. He plays his high school baseball for the Wildcats of Redlands East Valley High School in Redlands California. He plays his college baseball for Riverside Community College. He would be a 22nd round pick of the Braves in 2005. Hanson faced the Brewers earlier at Miller Park, he threw 8 innings of 4 hit shut-out baseball.

Saturday night - Chris Narveson vs Tim Hudson. I seat at Miller Park and watch in person Nav's last start. 4 runs, 3 homeruns and ZERO outs in the inning. Giving the Freak Tim Lincecum a 4 run lead before touching the mound. I jump in my seat and screamed...get him out of here. I just was not talking about the game, I meant out of a Brewers uniform. His record is 7-6, but an era of 6.02., but that era of 13.50 in the 1st inning, is just down right ugly. Navreson has NEVER faced the Braves, at least we have that going on Saturday.

Tim Hudson is in his 6th season with the Braves. Hudson will be making his 19th start of the season. He has a record of 9-4 with an era of 2.30. Timothy Adam Hudson is 6-1 175 right-hander, born in Columbus Georgia. He plays his high school baseball for the Gators of Glenwood High School in Smith Station Alabama. The Oakland A's would draft Hudson in the 35th round in 1994. Hudson decides not to sign, instead pitches for the Tigers of Auburn University. In 1997, he is drafted again by the Oakland A's, this time in the 6th round. He is traded to the Braves in Decemeber of 04, for Juan Cruz, Dan Meyer and Charles Thomas. On May 11th, Hudson beat the Brewers at the Keg. He threw 6 innings of 1 run baseball. Hudson will be making his 7th career start against the Brewers. he has a record of 2-2 with an era of 3.18

Sunday - Manny Parra vs Derek Lowe -The Bad Manny Parra has shown up in his last 3 starts. 15 2/3 and 13 runs, for an era of 7.46. Parra made 2 starts against the Braves in 2009, throwing 10 2/3 and allows 9 runs for an era of 7.42. At Turner field 5 runs in 5 2/3 innings pitched. Those 2 starts are the only starts against the Braves.

Derek Lowe is in his 2nd season with the Braves. After having a 15-10 season in 2009. He also will be making his 20th start, his record is 9-8 with an era of 4.35. Derek Christopher Lowe was born in June of 73, in Dearborn Michigan. Lowe is 6-6 230 right-hander. He plays his high school baseball at Edsel Ford in Dearborn Michigan. He is drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the 8th round in 1991. Lowe beat the Brewers on May 12th, he allowed 2 runs in 6 innings of work. He beat the Brewers in 2009, with the same type performance. Lowe has faced the Brewers 9 times, in which he started 7 of them. His career record is 3-1 with an era of 3.38.

The Brewers enter the series against the Braves, 9 games below .500. After this series, the Brewers could be a a dozen games below .500 or even a baker dozens. If Im not mistaken, that is going south !!!!

Enjoy your baseball and Go Crew
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